If You Answer Yes to Any of These Questions... You Need SureThik!

    • Do you have a bald spot or overall thinning hair?
    • Is your scalp visible through your hair?
    • Is your hair loss making  you look much older than you are?
    • Is it hard to style your hair without your scalp becoming visible?
    • Do you feel less attractive and confident now than when your hair was fuller?
    • Do you want an easy and effective way to hide your hair loss and thicken thinning hair?

SureThik Hair Building Fibers

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SureThik is like New Hair in a Bottle

SureThik blends in and bonds securely with your existing hair, dramatically building up hair structure and volume. Even seemingly bald areas of the scalp contain thousands upon thousands of tiny "vellus" hairs which SureThik™ can "pump-up", producing a dramatic increase in volume and hair density.

When you sprinkle the SureThik  Hair Fibers over your existing hair, they begin to attach to it immediately.  The fibers not only attach to your hair, but they also attach to each other. Within seconds the fibers begin to thicken the hair and start filling in the areas without hair.  Effectively creating a thick canopy of hair that covers your head the way your natural hair did years ago.

Since the fibers are microscopic and made of the same material as your hair, they blend perfectly with you hair. Once applied it is virtually impossible to determine where your natural hair ends and where the SureThik Hair Building Fibers begin. In other words, it becomes virtually invisible to the naked eye.


  • SureThik 13 grams
    SureThik 13 grams
  • SureThik 27 grams
    SureThik 27 grams
  • SureThik-Promo-Kit
  • HSR Hair Fibers
    HSR Hair Fibers
  • SureThik 54 grams Combo (2@27grams)
    SureThik 54 grams Combo (2@27grams)
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